All of our campaigns have begun by community members bringing an issue to our attention and working with them build a strategic plan to stop impacts onto people and the environment. 


Ryerson station state park

Subsidence from mining operations at the Bailey Mine destroyed Ryerson's Duke Lake in July 2005. We have been working tirelessly for more than a decade to restore Ryerson and protect it from additional damage. 



NEW Coal refuse disposal areas

Consol's proposed CRDA 7&8 will fill in two valleys that include habitat for threatened and endangered species, more than 20 acres of wetlands and 15 miles of headwater streams. We are raising awareness and building support to fight this dangerous proposal. 

hope for LaBelle

Helping Organize to Protect Our Environment or HOPE for LaBelle, is a community group in LaBelle, PA working together towards a healthy and safe environmental for families and future generations by stopping the impacts of the toxic coal ash dump and contaminated water sources in the community.  

Protectors of Mingo

Protectors of Mingo is community grassroots group working to preserve the safety of their children and standard of life in their quiet communities, securing a safe and healthy future for all. They are actively working to stop a new reckless deep mine from opening in their community near Mingo Creek Park.