Buffalo Creek Watershed Association to Hold a Fish Electroshocking Event

fish shocking.jpeg

The Buffalo Creek Watershed Association (BCWA) will be hosting a Fish Shocking at Santiago Sportsman Club on Thursday, September 12th.  The location is 749 Lake Road, Claysville, PA, and the event will begin at 5:30 p.m.  Mr. Greg Schaetzle from the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy will be conducting the fish shocking.  

Fish electroshocking is a great experience for young folks, anglers, and others to see what species of fish, and approximately how many of them, live in our local streams.  The process may sound harmful, but the fish are only momentarily stunned. The shocking allows observers to see the diversity of fish populations in streams and offers a great opportunity to see them up close!  

This is an exciting opportunity for local residents to come out and interact with a local watershed group and to learn about the local environment and wildlife. There will also be light refreshments and snacks.  Please come and join us!