Protect Environmental Justice Communities and Urge Legislators to Vote No on HB 1102


Legislators are making a push to promote monumental oil and gas development bills here in Pennsylvania. On September 23, the House Commerce Committee voted to pass one of these bills, House Bill (“HB”) 1102. This bill proposes major environmental issues such as placing those without the means to fight environmental injustice on the front lines of harmful pollution. HB 1102 also takes advantage of the state’s taxpayers all at the expense of the Commonwealth's natural resources. 

Environmental justice communities are often economically depressed. HB 1102 allows a seven member politically appointed Authority, without limitation, to single out these communities for the purpose of developing natural gas and petrochemical infrastructure. 

HB 1102 also provides massive subsidies to the natural gas and petrochemical industries. While the state is cutting budgets for schools and municipalities, they continue to offer huge economic benefits for the industry. This bill continues this trend while allowing the industry to remove the Commonwealth's natural resources. 

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