Have something on your mind? Write about it!

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If you’ve been reading CCJ’s blogs, you know that our staff write 99% of the entries. Solid writers we may be, but blog-hogs we are not: with that in mind, we’d like to issue an open invitation for contributions to our blog!

What should I write about?

Anything! We want to know what’s on your mind, from your thoughts on the petrochemical buildout in Appalachia to your perspective on raising the minimum wage to your opinions about the judicial system. You may respond to something you see in the news, or perhaps you’ve noticed a pattern in political and social discourse. 

Can I write about anything?

Anything that’s not hateful, absolutely! CCJ does not tolerate hate - on us or anyone else - and so we kindly ask you to keep trolling to yourself. However, we do welcome a variety of opinions and encourage dialogue (because censorship sucks). 

Do I need to send this to my English-teacher friend to edit?

You can if you’d like, but CCJ staff must work with writers to edit all contributions before publication on our blog. 

When you have a blog you’d like to submit, use this link to send it our way!

Questions? Contact our Outreach Coordinator, Lisa DePaoli, at lisa@coalfieldjustice.org or 724-229-3550 ext. 101.