Protectors of Mingo stall Mine Permit for Six Years


It has been six years since Protectors of Mingo began fighting against RAM Mining, LLC (an arm of Ramaco) to prevent the Ram No. 1 Mine from coming into our community, and they are still going strong. A permit has not yet been issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, but Ramaco is still moving forward with the application process and is letting shareholders know that they expect to receive the permit by the end of 2019.

Ramaco, LLC - a company based in the midwest - applied for this permit to open a new deep mine in Nottingham and Peters Township in 2013. The mine would have significant impacts on Little Mingo Creek, home values, and road conditions in the area.

Over the years, Protectors of Mingo raised awareness of this potential new deep mine throughout our area, garnering support from fellow community members and elected officials. They helped Nottingham Township adopt a series of sixty-two conditions that, should the permit be issued and the plans for mining become reality, will make a major difference in the safety and daily lives of our community. They have engaged with - and continue to engage with - public administrators to ensure that they know about the very tangible concerns we have with the proposed mining plan. As a result of Protectors of Mingo’s constant communication with the DEP, the permit is still under review. Most mining permits are decided within a year or two of being applied for. Most recently, we’ve been preparing to take action to protect our area should the permit be issued.