Remember Today and All Days to Care for Our Environment

Earth-day1-712x1024 (1).jpeg

Earth Day is the most celebrated secular holiday in the world.  We all live, work, play, love and depend on this planet. Today is a day to celebrate our planet and perhaps find a way to replenish it and clean it up.

You might consider some of these ideas for you on Earth Day: plant trees or flowers, clean up a roadside or park, go for a walk at a stream, make a rain barrel, make a recycling bin, make bird feeders and/or share your knowledge!

Let Earth Day activities inspire you to make permanent changes in your life. Decide on new, eco-friendly habits and try your best to implement them throughout the year. While Earth Day is one day out of the year to focus on the environment, it takes daily dedication to create long-lasting positive change.  Every little bit counts, and these little things can add up to massive changes.

Today we urge you to soak in the beauty of this planet and to think about how we want to leave it for the generations that follow.