Love is STRONG


There are two kinds of people on Valentine’s Day: the romantics, covered in red and pink and hearts, and the cynics, who avoid Hallmark stores like the plague. Rarely do these groups find common ground. Through our work, though, we all live the shared value of love.

Love for our friends brings us to the streets to protect them from environmental, racial, and social injustice. Love for our allies allows us to trust that someone will stand in solidarity with us when we raise our voices. Love for our kids shows us how to hope for a better future. Love means that we persevere, despite industry’s buckets of money and politicians’ blind eyes and our own exhaustion.

Love is strength. Love is resilience. Love is resistance. And that’s something to celebrate.

CCJ looks forward to building resilience and forging common ground throughout southwestern PA with you. To support that work, please make a donation to CCJ below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Veronica, Heaven, Nick, Lisa, and the Sarahs