Green in 18' Campaign


The Center for Coalfield Justice has teamed with 25 other environmental groups around the state to prepare the Pennsylvania Common Conservation Agenda. The agenda consists of a series of sound, fiscally responsible actions the winner of the 2018 governor’s race can enact to protect PA’s environment and conserve our natural resources for generations to come.

It is going to take a lot of public support for the agenda to gain sufficient traction with the candidates and the public. That’s why the coalition has launched the Green in ’18 campaign.  This campaign will try to attract volunteers who will attend campaign events held by the gubernatorial candidate and ask them about environmental issues. This will increase the importance of the environment as a campaign issue, help voters learn about the candidates’ plans to protect and improve the state’s environment, and generate support for the agenda.

To support this campaign, please like Green in ‘18’s Facebook page and visit the Green in ’18 website and sign up to volunteer.  We also encourage you to share this info with your network.  It is time to Rise Up for a Healthy Environment.