We Stand with Antwon Rose II


This past week an East Pittsburgh Police Officer shot unarmed Antwon Rose in the back three times and killed the 17 year old boy. Our allies and neighbors have been taking the streets for accountability and justice for Antwon Rose by rallying outside the Allegheny County Courthouse, shutting down the parkway yesterday. The Center for Coalfield Justice stands in solidarity with our friends fighting for racial justice and against violence from police. We are inspired by how the Pittsburgh community is banding together and we stand with you in the coalfields. We encourage our members and supporters to join the ongoing actions and help stop the killing of black and brown people from state violence.  Donate and volunteer to the following organization to make it safer for everyone in our communities: 

Antwon M Rose II Memorial Fund

Alliance for Police Accountability

Black Femme Excellent Co


One Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh United

Also please amplify the stories from those most impacted by simply sharing on your social media and talking with your friends and families. We cannot remain silent anymore because our fight to just and healthy communities is not possible if people of color are not also free to thrive.