Love Is Stronger Than Hate

The Center for Coalfield Justice stands in solidarity with our neighbors in Pittsburgh and the Jewish Community, and send our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of those whose lives were so abruptly taken by this horrific crime. We are grateful for the actions of first responders, and we are keeping all those still recovering in our hearts.

The massacre of our neighbors in a house of worship is terrifying and a stark reminder of the recent rise in anti-Semitism, white nationalism, and racism in our communities. From the hateful chants at the Charlottesville demonstration to the appeals to violence on websites and social media, the spread of this hate has been apparent in all of our communities. As a social justice organization committed to the belief that all people have an inherent right to a life free of systematic oppression, we urge our social and political leaders to actively fight against this hate and to denounce not just anti-semitism, but all forms of violence.

Further, we urge our leaders and residents to be vigilant in guarding against the use of public platforms to spread misinformation, conspiracy theories, and messages of violence. This tragedy has taught us once again that our words have power and influence, and that they must be treated accordingly. We must take a united stance against rhetoric and messaging that condones violence, retaliation, and oppression. We cannot remain silent when we witness hateful acts and the continuing polarization of our country. Today, we humbly recommit ourselves to offering words of justice, solidarity, and kinship. We hope that you will join us in remembering our duty to care for one another.

With love,

CCJ Board and Staff

(Photo credit: Gene J. Puskar/AP)

(Photo credit: Gene J. Puskar/AP)