Become a Community Advocate Training Series


Have you been concerned about your rights being taken away and struggled to figure out how to get involved? The Center for Coalfield Justice is hosting a FREE training series that will teach you how to share your story, organize more people into a community action group, and implement a campaign to defend our environmental and human rights.  

The training series will be held the last four Monday nights in October from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM in the CCJ office (184 S Main St. Washington, PA 15301). We will provide all training materials and refreshments for the evening. Register for all the trainings or for specific sessions by following this link.

Session #1 -- Monday, October 9 -- Telling Your Story

Learn important public speaking skills and explore how your own personal life relates to the issue around which you want to organize.

Session #2 -- Monday, October 16 -- Creating a Community Group and Campaign Planning

Learn how to develop a campaign by finding others who care about the same issue and taking actions together.

Session #3 -- Monday, October 23 -- Talking with Media and Decision Makers

Learn useful tactics when speaking to members of the media and decision makers and how to make your story compelling to a specific audience.

Session #4 -- Monday, October 30 -- Funding Your Group

Learn about grassroots and organizational funding options to help support your group’s efforts.

These trainings are just the start of developing your skills to create change in your community. CCJ and our allies will continue to provide support after you attend the trainings and begin using your skills to protect our rights.

Register Below: