Welcome back, Sarah!

Sarah Grguras, who interned with CCJ last summer, is now a junior at the University of Pittsburgh dual-majoring in environmental studies and ecology. Sarah has continued to stay in close contact with CCJ. She has also continued to stay heavily involved in the environmental club on Pitt's campus, such as Free the Planet and the Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign. This summer she is working for Citiparks on their roving art cart as a way to get to know Pittsburgh, its parks, and the community better. She is also working for Clean Water Action as a phone canvasser and has been calling on the issue of the Clean Water Rule. In addition to those two jobs, she is also working as the Sustainability Program Assistant, which helps to create sustainable environmental change at the University of Pittsburgh. In-between these 3 jobs, Sarah will be doing research for CCJ as our research fellow, focusing heavily on a virtual Frontline Community Tour project and its effects on student activism by comparing surveys before and after this virtual tour, and before and after an in-person tour. Sarah is excited to strengthen her relationship with CCJ through this research project.