New Process to Announce Permit Activity and Public Meetings

We have been thinking about how we can make it easier for all of you to stay up to date on the most recent notices from the Pennsylvania Bulletin regarding permits and projects in Washington and Greene counties. We have decided to try a new way of sharing the most relevant notices with everyone. Rather than posting them on our blog as we did in the past, we will now post a weekly facebook post on Mondays and we will include the notices in our weekly emails.

We will provide abbreviated versions of the week’s notices for coal mining permit applications, natural gas sites like compressor stations and pipelines as well as related water and waste permits. We will include contact information for the DEP offices responsible for making the permitting decisions so that you can contact them with questions and concerns.

This new approach should make it easier to keep up with the most recent permit applications and permitting decisions. Give us a call if you have questions about anything you see and submit comments and call DEP with questions about anything that interests you.